NavExM Research: Top Crypto Trends to Watch in 2024

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If you are a crypto enthusiast, you might have seen significant developments. As the year progresses, new trends will continue to rise in the industry. These upcoming crypto trends will help to drive innovation and expansion in the market. Keeping all this in mind, the NavExM research team has come across certain findings that will witness a revolutionary change in the crypto industry. These changes can be seen in all areas of the crypto industry. Therefore, we have come up with the top six areas where every investor must keep an eye on. These areas include DeFi, Bitcoin, NFTs, the evolution of the best crypto exchange, artificial intelligence, and gaming.

Top Crypto Trends to Watch Out in 2024

As we discussed above, the year 2024 will be dedicated to the crypto industry. Below are certain crypto trends that every investor or trader must keep an eye on in order to capitalize their investment and earn maximum returns.

Growth in Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi or Decentralized Finance is a financial application ecosystem based on blockchain networks. It creates an open-source and transparent system that copies all aspects of traditional finance on the blockchain. Moreover, it allows users to conduct transactions in the crypto sector without the involvement of any middlemen. Therefore, in 2024, investors are expected to see growth in DeFi with a focus on scalability, security, and user experience.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Diversification into Other Sectors

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are the fastest growing sectors and have gained attractions from many non-tech investors. These assets are known for their uniqueness and cannot be replaced or altered in any way. This year, i.e., in 2024 NFTs will see immense growth by diversifying its horizons to education, real estate, and virtual worlds.


The year 2024 is seen significant for the crypto industry, particularly for Bitcoin, due to the occurrence of Bitcoin Halving. During this event, which occurs every four years, the miners earn rewards to validate transactions. Under this process the blocks are halved after every 210,000 blocks. In the first Bitcoin halving event in 2009, the block rewards were 50 BTC. Then, it was reduced to 6.25 BTC after three consecutive halving. Now, in the the next halving event, i.e., in April 2024, the block reward will be reduced to 3.125 BTC.

Innovation in the Crypto Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the intermediary from where any investor can buy, sell, and trade digital assets. Since the last few years, these exchanges have been the talk of the town due to the significant technological development. Moreover, the year 2024 is special for them as many innovative crypto exchanges will revolutionize the industry with its features. One such exchange is the NavExM, which was officially launched in 2024. It came up in the industry with the revolutionizing features like zero trading fees, cashback rewards, zero swap fees, low impact cost, and positive return on trade. These features make the exchange the best crypto exchange in the industry.

Impact the Gaming Industry

Besides crypto, blockchain has a significant influence on the gaming industry with the involvement of crypto in the gaming section. These games allow gamers to earn crypto as a reward. A few of such games includes the following:

  • The Sandbox
  • Axie Infinity
  • Spider Tanks
  • Alien Worlds
  • Gods Unchained
  • DeFi Kingdoms

Intersection of AI & Crypto

In the last few months, Artificial Intelligence has impacted the crypto industry with the introduction of AI tokens. These tokens are cryptocurrencies that are specifically tied to an AI venture. These tokens perform several functions such as:

1. Users can pay for the services or access data on the platform using the AI tokens.

2. These tokens are used to provide some form of governance power.


The above-mentioned trends complete the list that every investor must keep an eye on in the year 2024. Starting from decentralized finance to the evolution of the best crypto exchange and artificial intelligence, investors can witness developments that may help them maximize their returns. But remember to do your own research before investing in digital assets.