Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency That Grows When You Trade!

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With the rising adoption of cryptocurrency, all the behemoths want to ride the wave of this growing industry. Whether through trading, investing or building something unique in the Web 3.0 space.

Some of the intelligent minds on the planet are building fascinating blockchain projects, and the new token economics empower the business financially. This new method of creating assets is summarized under the project’s Tokenomics.

As more and more people enter the industry, the profit-making opportunity takes a spike. Traders rigorously look for the crypto tokens backed by an excellent project to trade and invest. NavC is expected to become the one you are looking for i.e., the Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency providing financial stability in the future.

Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency, NavC

NavC is the native utility token of the NavExM. NavExM is the Next-Generation Crypto Exchange offering Zero transaction fees, & cashback on every trade, which will provide seamless trading experience.

NavC powers the trading engine of the NavExM exchange. The underlying token is used in every trade on the Next-Generation Crypto Exchange. This utility of the token creates a consistent demand for its native token.

NavExM being the most rewarding exchange, will encourage the community to join the next-generation crypto exchange and participate in the trading ecosystem of NavExM. With the increasing trade volume, NavC demand is also expected to rise, leading to price appreciation with every trade.

Enjoy The Capital Appreciation Benefit with NavExM

The unique Automated Market Maker of NavExM ensures that every transaction routes through the NavC token. The token captures the traded pair value on the exchange as capital appreciation.

The increment in trading volume on the exchange will contribute to the price appreciation of NavC. The capital appreciation associated with the token makes it a high-yield investment. Being a sound investor, everyone would like to add it to their portfolio. This ripple effect will further ensure a consistent rise in the NavC value.

The Unique Tokenomics of NavC

You may wonder how all this is possible.

The exchange offers zero transaction fees and cashback of up to 0.10% of the transaction value. Further, the cashback will be deposited in the trader's wallet in the form of NavC, which is expected to rise many folds because of its utility on the exchange.

The token canbe used to trade. However, the better option would be to hold it to enjoy the privilege of maximum capital appreciation.

The unique token distribution of NavC further strengthens the pathway to growth. The total supply of NavC is limited to 112.50 billion, and only 0.02% is available in the open market. Additionally, 88.89% has been locked in NavExM protocol to strengthen the trading ecosystem of the next-generation exchange.

Further, as discussed above, the Automated Market Maker of NavExM ensures a growing demand for the token with the rising trading turnover on the exchange leading to consistent price appreciation.

Metric Percentage Qty
Total Planned Supply 100% 112.50 Billion
As Token (Locked in NavExM) 88.89% 100 Billion
Strategic Holding 4.44% 5 Billion
Technical Development, Associated Blockchain and Post Pre-Beta User Registration Sales Projects 4.44% 5 Billion
Development team, Employee Allocation, Metaverse, Contingencies, Infrastructure, etc. 2.20% 2.47 Billion
 Pre-Beta User Registration Sale 0.02% 26 Million

Final Words

NavExM project is being launched after intense research backed by experienced Web 3.0 professionals. The project aims to maximize the trade profit for all the participants trading on the exchange.

Because of its incredible benefit on the exchange, the underlying token, NavC, is also expected to grow exponentially. Further, traders staking the required NavC token will get assured cashback.

All the additional privileges and ride of capital appreciation make it an excellent asset to invest in right now and increase the likeliness of becoming the Fastest Growing Crypto-Currency in 2023 and years to come.

To explore how you can enjoy the maximum cashback on NavExM, you can visit