NavExM is the world's most rewarding crypto exchange offering Cashback on each trade to all its Community Members. Cashback rewards on the platform enable NavExM Community Members to gain more asset value on every trade. NavC is the backbone of the NavExM trading engine, making all the benefits possible.

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NavC Token

NavC is the native utility token of NavExM, which encapsulates the traded asset value on NavExM.

The innovative trading engine of NavExM facilitates every trade (ETC/BTC or BTC/SOL or any other) on the exchange utilizing the NavC token that generates huge demand for the token to settle every trade.

The high demand of NavC and its limited supply leads to continuous capital appreciation. In return, NavExM rewards its Community Members for participating in the trading ecosystem.

The more the trade, the higher the demand for NavC and the more value appreciation of the token.

How NavC Appreciation Outcome

As per AMM* (Automated Market Maker) Equation, that relies on a mathematical formula to price assets.

X1*Y1 = k

Where, X1 & Y1 are the quantities of tokens (Token ‘A’ & Token ‘B’ respectively) in the liquidity pool.
Where, k is a fixed constant, meaning the pool’s total liquidity (always must remain the same) And,

X2 = Token A * X1
Y2 = Token B * Y11
X2 = Y2

Where X2 & Y2 are the equally weighted prices of two cryptocurrencies (Token ‘A’ & Token ‘B’ respectively) with different proportionate quantities (X1, Y1) in the pool that agreed to trade.

Z is %age of change in liquidity of NavC due to the value demand created by A (X2). Therefore, the value of NavC will increase by twice the Z after settlement.

So, the equation is {NavC +(2Z * NavC)}

(NavC’s price is considered before trade)

Let us understand with the example

There is 10 ETH that agreed to be traded for 1 BTC and this trade results in a demand of 30,000 NavC to settle. This demand of NavC is 0.02% change in the liquidity pool for NavC so the price of NavC will increase and become 100.04% (after this trade.)

([{100+(2*0.02%*100)} =100.04%] = 100.04%)

The equation shows the value of NavC appreciates with every trade happening on the exchange. All the traders trading on NavExM contribute to the continuous price appreciation of NavC.

Capital appreciation of NavC is based on the total turnover of NavC on NavExM and the value of the token is expected to grow rapidly.

The longer you will hold the NavC token, the more yield you’ll earn. Cashback rewards are also offered in NavC tokens, which means traders will get an excellent asset without spending more money.

Due to its ground-breaking utility on the NavExM exchange, the NavC token is expected to join the league of the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

Why Community Members Only

NavExM Community Members strengthen the NavExM Ecosystem and liquidity on the exchange. Thus, the cashback rewards are reserved for its Community Members only. Rewards earned by Non-Community Members are transferred to “Pool Refund”.

“User must have NavC tokens to gain NavC token as cashback.”

Pool Refund

Cashback earned by Non-Community Members is moved to the Pool Refund. The pool refund is utilized for the benefit of Community Members. It ensures the consistent growth of NavExM ecosystem and encourages more people to join the community.

To earn cashback, user 2 need to be a Community Member by staking at least 500 NavC tokens.


Cashback Calculation

NavExM rewards its Community Members with Cashback of up to 0.05% of the transaction value, which is distributed between the Takers and Makers, @ 60% and 40%, respectively. Yes, Takers are given more.

Let’s understand it through an example:

If a transaction of $100,000 happens on NavExM, Takers can get a cashback of $30 NavC ($100,000 * 0.05% * 60%).
Cashback for Makers on the exchange will be $20 worth of NavC ($100,000 * 0.05% * 40%).

Staking Benefits

NavExM is offering the early bird opportunity to the people believing in its vision. Traders can stake NavC Tokens and get increased cashback rewards apart from the capital appreciation.

On Staking 5,000 NavC Tokens, traders can get an assured cashback of 0.05% of the trading volume for the first 5 transactions of the day. The cashback is increased to 0.1% on Staking 50,000 NavC Tokens on unlimited trades.

Cashback Limit & Condition

Level Condition Cashback
Maker Taker
Non-Community Members* Users holding < 500 NavC - -
Community Members Users holding ≥ 500 NavC in Earn wallet [Membership Staked] x2 x3
Standard Stakers* Staking ≥ 5,000 NavC First 5 Transaction Per Day [24h] x5 x5
After 5 Transactions x2 x3
Premium Stakers Staking ≥ 50,000 NavC x10 x10

* Limited Offer

Cashback Summary

Market Cashback
Current 1 LTD

1 Due at end of current cycle
2 Registered User with community status on NavExM