Referral Policy

NavExM Referral Policy

By participating in the NavExM Referral Program you agree to accept and comply with NavExM Referral Program Terms & Conditions and any other applicable conditions communicated to you as applicable from time to time (the “Referral Terms”). You should read the entire Referral terms before participating in the Referral Program. When you share the Referral Link it is considered you agree to the Referral Terms. If you do not agree with the Referral Terms or any part of it, you may not use the Referral Link.

How does it work?

NavExM provides you with a Referral Link in your NavExM account. You may invite others to participate or get associated with NavExM.

When a referred user registers via your Referral Link and becomes an active trader by making a transaction of at least $10 (USD) within a period of 30 days from the date of registration then Referrer get NavC Tokens worth of $1 (USD), and Referee will get NavC Tokens worth of $3 (USD) in their wallets.

This will make referee a part of community of NavExM and will become eligible for more awards or benefits in future.

A User may send Referral Link as many times as they like. You can share your Referral Link via Email, WhatsApp, SMS, or any other relevant social media platform. It is important that the link on NavExM is used and that the Referred User clicks on the Referral Link. The Referral Links have a special code in the end enabling us to link your account with the Referred User. When someone clicks your Referral Link, a link between your account and the Referred User shall be stored with the help of cookies. The cookie will store the data for 30 days during which the Referred User can either use the provided registration form in the Referral Link or can register directly on the NavExM website. For more information regarding data privacy please see our Privacy Policy.

In case the Referred User receives several Referral Links, the Referral Link to which the Referred User first clicked is activated.


How can you be Referrer? Only NavExM Users may participate in the NavExM Referral Program.

NavExM employees are restricted from participating in the referral program in order to maintain transparency in the activities done by NavExM.

How can you be Referrer?

In order to become a referee, User needs to fulfill following conditions:

  • 1. He should not be a registered user on NavExM Platform and has a valid referral ID, and
  • 2. He needs to make a transaction of minimum $10 (USD) within 30 days of registration.

A Referee may use a Referral link only once; combining multiple Referral Link is not possible.

How to refer?

In order to refer NavExM with your friends, User is required to follow below mentioned steps:

  • 1. Visit
  • 2. Register with NavExM using email id and password
  • 3. Visit Referral Program section and copy your unique Referral Link.
  • 4. Share the link within your community so that they can register on NavExM.
  • 5. Once they register and make the needful transaction using their existing wallet, referrer will receive aforementioned bonus in his earned wallet.

User can use the Referral Link in any of the following medium to avail the Bonus:

Affiliates can now earn perpetual
  • 1. Email or DM to friends,
  • 2. Share across social media,
  • 3. Share on personal website or blog.

Example 1:

  • User A invited User B via the Referral link.
  • User B completed a transaction of more than $10 within 30 days.
  • User A will receive NavC Tokens worth $1 (USD) and User B will receive NavC Tokens worth $3 (USD) in their wallets.

Example 2:

  • User A invited User C and User D.
  • Both User C and User D completed a transaction of more than $10 within 30 days.
  • User A will receive NavC Tokens worth $2 (USD) and both User B and User C will receive NavC Tokens worth $3 (USD) in their wallets.
Perpetual Commissions

It’s for life. Yes, lifetime commissions- no caps, no time limits, just a stream of immediate payouts after each trade completed which only grows with more users you invite.

A registered user is eligible to earn more bonus in the form of Commissions which will be paid on monthly basis on fulfillment of certain conditions as below:

S. No. Condition Commission
1. On referring 5,000-9999 Active Users Up to +20% of the "Referee's Cashback" as Commission
2. On referring 10,000-19,999 Active Users Up to +30% of the "Referee's Cashback" as Commission
3. On referring 20,000-99,999 Active Users Up to +40% of the "Referee's Cashback" as Commission
4. On referring 100,00 or more Active Users Up to +50% of the "Referee's Cashback" as Commission

For the payment of Perpetual Commissions, Active User must be a user who is executing a trade minimum of $10(USD) in a month on NavExM.

Any registered user who is referring less than 5000 Active Users, will not be eligible to earn any Perpetual Commission but will certainly earn NavC Tokens referral bonus equivalent to $1(USD) on each active referee. Further, the same user will also be eligible to earn NavC Tokens worth $10 (USD) on each 100 Active Referees.

Affiliates can now earn perpetual commissions of up to $1,00,000 equivalent NavC Tokens based on the fees paid by their referees over a period of 1 calendar month.

The perpetual commissions is actually very simple and all NavExM Affiliates are eligible for the perpetual commissions program by default!

For example, if you refer 5000 Active users and your referrals earned the equivalent of 150,000 USDT as cash back on trading between 2022-11-01 and 2022-11-30, then you will receive a perpetual commission of 30,000 USDT (150,000 USDT * 20%) value Tokens.

If in above example Active users are more then 5000 (say, 10,000), than you will receive a perpetual commission of 45,000 USDT (150,000 USDT * 30%) value Tokens.

If in above example Active users are more then 100,000 (say, 101,000), than you will receive a perpetual commission of 75,000 USDT (150,000 USDT * 50%) value Token.

Perpetual Commission will be directly transferred in account before the 10th day of every respective month.


In case, Referral Link is used solely for the purpose of exploiting the reward system, we will restrict your participation in the Referral Program.

The following actions when using the Referral Link are prohibited:

  • 1. Promoting your referral code through the use of paid advertising “NavExM” or NavExM related keywords.
  • 2. Using the Referral system solely as a source of revenue. NavExM reserves the right to make a decision in its sole discretion whether the Referrer is exploiting the Referral Program lacking the basic intention of being a user of NavExM.
  • 3. Using the NavExM brand, the Referral Program, our services, NavExM platform in connection with any offensive, abusive, harassing, or defamatory content, or in any such manner contrary to the principles of fairness and integrity.

In case, we detect any such inappropriate use (not limited to) of the Referral Program NavExM reserves the right to:

  • 1. Deactivate your Referral Link at any time and at its own discretion.
  • 2. Disable the registered Email Id of the user which results in deactivation of Referral Payments.
  • 3. Limit the use of the Referral Link (e.g., defining the maximum number of link shares).
  • 4. Disqualify any actions performed by the Referrer or Referee.
When will the Bonus be paid?

Bonus will be added to the user’s respective wallets within a specific time period.

In case of termination of the Referral Program all referrals successfully made before the termination will receive the rewards.

For any further information on Terms of Use of NavExM and its other services, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Contact Us

In case of any query with respect to this Program, User may connect with us through our Telegram support handle available at