Most Rewarding Crypto Trading Experience, Join the NavExM Community

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The most valuable asset a crypto project can have is community. It is the community’s trust which contributes to its growth. The market has witnessed many ups and downs, but the belief in blockchain technology has encouraged various crypto communities to flourish.

You get chance to interact with other like-minded people working in the same genre. Also, you get premium privileges by becoming a part of early communities.

Similarly, the Next-Generation Crypto Exchange, NavExM, provides incredible benefits to its community members.

NavExM is the most rewarding crypto exchange powered by its native utility token NavC. The exchange offers Zero transaction fees and assured cashback up to 0.10% of transaction value.

Besides its rewarding nature, the extensive liquidity pool of the exchange enables the platform to perform fast trade settlements.

NavC is a value variance inflationary token, and all the trades happening on the exchange are routed through NavC token itself, creating consistent demand for the token.

The consistent demand raises its price with each trade being executed on the exchange resulting in price appreciation for the token.

Benefits of becoming NavExM Community Members

Assured Cashback

Have you ever wondered if you could get rewards to trade? NavExM offers an assured cashback of up to 0.10% of the transaction value on each trade to the trader. The cashback will be in NavC, which is easily convertible into fiat or in any other crypto currency on the NavExM exchange itself.

The more you trade, the more you earn. The Cashback bonus further increases your trade profit. Sometimes because of adverse sentiments in the market, traders liquidate their cryptocurrency even at a loss. The cashback feature of NavExM can recover or even convert your limited loss into profit.

Zero Transaction Fees

NavExM offers the Zero transaction fees. This is the first time in crypto history when each trader can trade with Zero transaction fees

NavExM does no discrimination between makers and takers, leading to an equal fee structure for both.

Traders can maximize their profit by reducing the impact cost. NavExM cashback benefits and the Zero transaction fees set a strong base for traders with lesser impact cost.

Capital Appreciation

The early community members will be able to multiply their capital to the fullest as NavC is available at its lowest price at Launch. As mentioned above, the token’s price appreciates each time a trade is executed on the exchange.

The utility on NavExM creates consistent demand for the NavC , and the token's supply is limited. The general law of supply and demand will lead to price appreciation. The continuous value appreciation of NavC makes it a lucrative asset, which will eventually attract investment in NavC tokens.

Except for all the privileges mentioned above, there have been multiple other benefits reserved for early community members.

Why is This the Best Time to Invest in NavC?

NavExM is currently at beta phase, where the token is available at the lowest price . Also, some incredible benefits are reserved for early community members, such as increased cashback and zero transaction fees.

Once the crypto exchange will be live, early community members will enjoy the most rewarding trading experience on NavExM.

By investing in NavC right now, you can enjoy the early ride of NavExM's growth journey, and the return on investment will be much higher than any other trader investing in the token at a later stage.