Earn High Returns by Staking Crypto: NavC Staking Benefit

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Previously, earning crypto was limited to buying and selling the tokens to generate profit or get rewards for mining the blocks. Now, with the rising number of crypto adoptions comes numerous money-making opportunities.

One of the ways through which you can generate high ROI is Staking Crypto.

What is Crypto Staking?

Staking means locking up your crypto tokens for a certain period to get desired ROV and lucrative rewards, such as cashback and discounts on certain goods and services.

Various blockchain projects such as Ethereum use Proof of Stake as their consensus mechanism to validate the transactions. People participating in the network stake their crypto tokens to get selected as validators to earn rewards. The more tokens you deposit in the pool, the higher the chances of getting selected as a validator. All the participants who willingly lock up their tokens get rewarded to participate in the network.

However, staking your NavC differs from what you read above. NavExM encourages investors to stake its native utility token to ensure they get the maximum price appreciation benefits.

NavC is the native utility token of the next-generation exchange, NavExM. NavC offers capital appreciation benefits by encapsulating the traded pair value on the exchange, and the price of NavC rises each time a trade is executed on the exchange.

By Staking NavC on NavExM, you are eligible to be assured cashback up to .10% of transaction value.

What are the Benefits of Staking NavC Token?

NavExM envisages traders' profit by providing a unique trade settlement engine, Zero transaction fees and assured cashback. Investing in NavC early on can be extremely profitable for you.

There are numerous staking benefits reserved for the investors believing in NavExM vision to make the crypto trade & investment more profitable.

50% Discount on the Transaction Fees

Currently, the average transaction fees charged by contemporary exchanges are between 0.15%-4% of the trading volume. Higher transaction fees ultimately reduce the trade profit. NavExM enables traders to trade with zero transaction fees.

This is a limited period opportunity for traders & investors because only a minuscule quantity (0.02%) of total NavC is available in the market to buy & stake. Therefore, it is paramount to invest in NavC Token at an early stage.

Assured Cashback

The cashback reward is based on transaction value and capital appreciation of NavC

  • By holding 500 NavC Tokens, you become a community member and are eligible for cashback up to 0.05% of capital appreciation spread between maker & taker.
  • By holding 5,000 NavC Tokens, the cashback reward is assured 0.05% of capital appreciation, for first 5 transactions of the day & then revert to standard community cashback rule for all other transactions of the day.
  • By holding 50,000 NavC Tokens, the cashback reward is assured 0.10% of capital appreciation, for unlimited transactions

This is how NavExM makes crypto trading more profitable for day traders.

“The unimaginable cashback benefits have the potential to convert your losses into profit.”

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, you also get the capital appreciation benefit. Because of the token utility on the NavExM exchange, its price appreciates with each trade being executed on the exchange. The longer you stake NavC, the higher the chances of generating lucrative returns as capital gains.

Final Words

The incredible staking benefits of NavC make it an excellent Crypto Asset to invest in 2023. NavExM is the exchange for future-generation traders. By investing in NavC, you can reserve incredible Staking benefits and witness your capital growth.