How NavC Encapsulates the Traded Pair Value

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NavC – A Value Variance Inflationary Token

NavC is the underlying currency of NavExM, a cryptocurrency exchange that offers a unique and innovative approach to the crypto market.

The value of NavC is determined by the traded pair value of all the trades that happen on the NavExM platform.

As the trading volume and value on the exchange increase, the value of NavC will also increase.

Let’s understand it, how?

All the transactions on NavExM will route through NavC token itself. For example, if you want to buy 0.1 BTC for 220 USDT. Your USDT will first buy NavC token on the platform, and then the required NavC will be used to buy BTC.

This will create a consistent demand for the NavC token. Further, as per Tokenomics, the demand for NavC is limited. The equation of consistent demand and limited supply will ensure the appreciation in value with each trade.

In other words, NavC encapsulates the traded pair value of all the trades that happen on the NavExM platform, providing a unique way to appreciate the invested capital.

This feature makes NavC a dynamic currency that reflects the overall activity and performance of the NavExM exchange.

By holding NavC, NavExM community members can benefit from the growth of the exchange.

NavExM platform uses a unique algorithm called Automated Market Maker (AMM) to calculate the price of NavC after each settled trade. AMM is popularly used in DEX. However, NavExM will be using it to determine the price of NavC despite being CEX. This algorithm takes into account the traded pair value of all the trades on the exchange and adjusts the value of the token accordingly. This means that the value of NavC token is constantly changing based on the activity on NavExM platform and the price of the token will appreciate each time a trade will be executed on the exchange. Thus, it is called a value variance inflationary token.

This also means each time a trade is executed on NavExM, the trading volume on the exchange will be about 2X the trading value imitated by traders as the NavExM trading engine will process the trade for NavC token as well.

NavExM, The Exchange for The Future

NavExM is the world’s most rewarding cryptocurrency exchange that provides a no-cost trading platform. Further, the exchange offers cashback to all its community members. Where other exchanges charge hefty trading charges i.e., 0.1% - 1%, on NavExM, you can trade with Zero transaction fees.

The benefit of cashback rewards and a no-cost trading platform will attract more traders to trade on the platform resulting in deep liquidity for the listed cryptocurrency. It will ensure faster trade settlement at the most adequate prices. This will further encourage traders to trade more on the world’s most rewarding crypto exchange and earn more & more cashback rewards, resulting in a high velocity of the NavC token. Which will eventually appreciate the value of the NavC token.

To further ensure the limited supply of NavC in the market, NavC holders will get the added benefit of increased cashback rewards which will further create the demand for the token. The incredible features of NavC make it an excellent asset for investors and it has the potential to top the market.


In conclusion, NavC encapsulates the traded pair value of all the trades on NavExM. By holding NavC, users can benefit from the growth of the exchange. And the rewarding features of NavExM establish it as the next-generation crypto exchange and a preferred choice for traders. It will contribute to the growth of the entire NavExM trading ecosystem which will be reflected by consistent value appreciation of its native utility token, NavC.

Crypto trading has the potential to outperform the traditional market, and that too by a significant margin. The extreme volatility and 24X7 market availability make it possible. However, hefty transaction fees levied by the top cryptocurrency exchanges increase the purchase cost. The trading fees on these platforms are around 0.1% to 1.5%. The estimated daily trading volume of the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges is $40 billion approximately. As per the estimation, around $60 million is swayed away from the market every day as transaction fees which eventually reduce the overall trade profit.

In this article, you will understand how the cost of your trade can be reduced notably and how you can shoot up your overall profit with NavExM.

Minimize The Cost of Your Trade with NavExM

1. Zero Trading Fees on NavExM

2. Cashback Rewards on Each Transaction

3. Buy and HODL NavC

Multiple practices in the market are suggested to new traders to reduce the cost of the transaction, such as executing a smaller number of trades, buying and holding for a longer period to avoid the crypto trading fees, etc. However, don't you feel it restricts the opportunity to earn more profit?

It is like stopping a rider from riding a bicycle just to make sure that he doesn't get injured. However, NavExM offers you unique ways to avoid transaction fees. Instead, it offers you the platform to maximize your trade profit. Let's explore them one by one.

Zero Trading Fees on NavExM

NavExM offers a no cost trading platform with no strings attached. You can execute as many transactions as you want, too, with zero trading charges. Sounds unrealistic? But NavExM makes it possible. Where other crypto exchanges charge strapping fees, NavExM provides you with the platform to trade for free.

Cashback Rewards on Each Transaction

Have you ever imagined that you could get rewarded for participating in the crypto trading ecosystem? This is an incredible benefit that NavExM offers. Zero Trading fees significantly reduce the cost of the trade. However, the cashback rewards on NavExM make it revenue positive each time.

You will always bag more value than you will be trading for, on NavExM. The exchange offers a cashback of up to 0.10% of the total trading volume to all its community members.

The cashback reward will enable you to generate more profit even if you sell your assets at a limited loss.

Buy & Hold NavC

NavExM offers a premium privilege to the traders staking NavC tokens, such as increased cashback rewards. NavC is the underlying currency of the NavExM cryptocurrency exchange, and the option to stake NavC token will be available to a limited number of traders

Opportunity of staking 500 NavC is open to the Maximum 52,000 members only.

Opportunity of staking 5,000 NavC is open to the Maximum 5,200 members only.

Opportunity of statking 50,000 NavC is open to the Maximum 520 members only.

NavC, the cryptocurrency that grows even in the bear market

Unlike any other native token of cryptocurrency exchanges, NavC serves as an excellent utility on the exchange. The unique Automated Market Maker (AMM) of NavExM ensures all transactions on the exchange pass through NavC tokens itself, providing reliable encapsulation for the traded pair value resulting in capital appreciation.

NavC token has a limited supply of 112.50 billion, out of which only 0.02% is available in the open market, which means the price of NavC will largely depend on the rising trading volume on the NavExM cryptocurrency exchange.

No external market force will be able to negatively influence the price of the token because of its excellent utility on the exchange. Whether the market buys or sells, the price of NavC is expected to appreciate with each trade making it an exceptional asset.


Zero trading fees will help you significantly lower the cost of your trade. You will no longer need to pay overloaded transaction fees to crypto exchanges. Further, the cashback rewards will make it a revenue-positive trade for you. By investing in NavC, you won't only get access to premium privileges but also ensure consistent capital appreciation. All the benefits mentioned above will not only reduce the trading cost but also contribute to the overall profit generated by traders.