Crypto Arbitrage Opportunity: Make Money on NavExM

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What is Arbitrage Trading?

In the crypto market, Arbitrage is one of the most popular trading methods to generate profit. In Crypto Arbitrage Trading, traders exploit the opportunity of price differentiation in various exchanges.

In layman's language, Arbitrage trading is buying a crypto asset at a lower price on a crypto exchange and selling it on another exchange at a higher price. Several factors contribute to price differentiation, such as Liquidity, Demand and Supply of that particular token.

Arbitrage Trading on NavExM Exchange

NavExM is the Next-Generation Crypto Exchange where you get the Arbitrage Opportunity on the exchange itself. The platform offers you cashback on each trade This means even if you sell your crypto asset at a limited loss, you will be able to make profit.

Let's understand it through the example of Jess.

Market Bid-Ask BTC V/S USDT
Exchange Buying Rate Selling Rate
A $39,999 $40,000
B $40,010 $40,020

On exchange A the buy and sell price is 39,999 USDT and 40,000 USDT, respectively, whereas on exchange B, it is 40,010 USDT & 40,020 USDT, respectively.

Jess finds an arbitrage opportunity between these exchanges.To grab the arbitrage opportunity, the trader sells BTC at Exchange B $40,010 & Buys at Exchange A $40,000 and makes an arbitrage profit of $10. Assuming the transaction fee of Exchange A & B is 0.1% (minimum exchange fees for current generation exchange) per side, she had to incur the trading fee of $80 to complete both the transaction

Therefore, the net loss came out as $70.

The next day, she came across our platform NavExM. She understands every trade at NavExM is empowered by the NavC token, and NavExM offers a positive cashback of up to 0.10% of the transaction value where the buy rate was 39,999 USDT, and the sell rate was 40,000 USDT

The transaction fee at NavExM is zero

Jess buys at NavExM $40,000 and sells $39,999. Now you may say the trade was executed on a loss of $1.

But is it? Let’s see!

She earns ($40,000 + 39,999) *0.10% = $79.999 worth of NavC Token in return as cashback.

She effectively made an arbitrage profit of $78.999~ ($79.999-$1), while at the other cryptocurrency exchange, she faced an inevitable loss.

The cashback Bonus benefit at NavExM is never less than the trading fees. Therefore, it is always cash positive for the traders. At NavExM, traders will always have an additional edge over other traders to generate maximum profit.

Bottom Line

Indeed, Crypto Arbitrage Trading can reap enormous returns to a trader and NavExM, as a Next-Generation Exchange, offers it on one platform itself. Now, you don’t need to locate different crypto exchanges to get the best price to trade. NavC is the underlying token of NavExM, which makes all the cashback possible on the exchange and provides the Arbitrage opportunity. The token is expected to grow many folds because of its utility on the exchange, making it a high-yield asset to invest in.