Exploring the Exciting Utility of NavC

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What is NavC Token?

NavC is the native utility token of the NavExM exchange built on ERC- 20 standard. A crypto utility token is a digital asset that represents a specific utility or function on a blockchain-based platform. Utility tokens are used to access premium privileges of services offered by the platform. Similarly, NavC also has incredible utility on the platform. Also, unlike any other utility token, the benefit is not only limited to the services offered by the NavExM exchange. Instead, it acts as an excellent asset that can generate incredible returns in the future due to its unique utility on the next-generation crypto exchange, NavExM.

The Exciting Utility of NavC Token

Incredible benefits are reserved for community members, such as Cashback Rewards. Further, being an early investor, you will be able to reap the maximum benefit of the capital appreciation that NavC provides.

1. Capital Appreciation

As mentioned above, the value of NavC appreciates every time a trade is being executed on the exchange. You may wonder how it is possible.

The unique Automated Market Maker (AMM) of NavExM ensures that all the transactions on the exchange pass through the NavC token creating demand for the token. The more you trade, the more demand will be created.

Further, as per Tokenomics, NavC has a limited supply of 112.5 billion, out of which only 0.02% is available in the open market, and 88.89% will be locked in the NavExM ecosystem. The equation of consistent demand and limited supply will ensure consistent price appreciation for the token. Which means, with the rising trading volume on the NavExM crypto exchange, the value of NavC is also expected to rise.


2. Zero swap fees

NavExM is being built with the aim to increase trade participation in the ecosystem. Thus, instead of charging hefty transaction charges, the exchange offers a zero-trading fee platform. It is a revolution in the industry as other contemporary exchanges have swap fees of up to 0.10% - 1.00%. NavExM provides the next-generation crypto trading experience for free, which becomes possible because of the unique trading engine of the exchange. The AMM provides a reliable encapsulation of the trading pair value by NavC tokens which makes sure you bag more value of assets than that you have traded for, which will result in zero trading fees.

3. Cashback Rewards

Have you ever heard of a crypto exchange that will provide you with cashback to trade? NavExM makes it possible! Early Community Members of NavExM will be eligible for assured cashback rewards on each trade. Currently, the minimum purchase requirement for NavC is 500 tokens. If you become our community member by buying a minimum of 500 NavC, you will be eligible for a cashback reward of up to 0.05% of the trade value, which will be distributed among makers and takers. The reward will be increased to an assured cashback of 0.05% and 0.10% of the transaction value when a trader decides to stake at least 5,000 and 50,000 NavC tokens, respectively.

How NavC Creates an Augmented Liquidity Pool in NavExM

The profitability of a trade depends on the liquidity in the market. Especially when you are trading cryptocurrencies, where the prices fluctuate every moment, it becomes crucial that the market has an extensive liquidity pool.

Liquidity in the market means how easily you can sell off your cryptocurrency or how easily you can swap one crypto token for another. An extensive liquidity pool provides a sufficient number of traders ready to buy and sell their tokens. As the number of traders increases, the spread between the bid and ask orders becomes narrow.

This provides the most appropriate selling and buying price to the sellers and buyers, respectively. The more traders trade on the platform, the higher the liquidity will be. As NavC provides an opportunity to earn assured cashback with each trade and trade with zero swap fees, more and more traders will get attracted to trade on NavExM. The rising trade participation in the NavExM ecosystem will create deep liquidity in the exchange, which will make NavExM the preferred choice of crypto traders.


Incredible benefits of trading on NavExM, such as zero swap fees, cashback rewards, and augmented liquidity pool, will encourage traders to increase their participation in the NavExM trading ecosystem, ensuring an exponential growth of its underlying currency. Thus, it is the best time to invest in NavC, as currently, it is available at a discounted price and its price is expected to rise by 60%, and after that, there is no looking back, and the current price will not be available again.