Is NavC Velocity Real on NavExM?

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As the world moves towards decentralization, the popularity of cryptocurrency and its related tokens is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Among the various tokens, NavC, the native utility token of the NavExM crypto exchange, creates a new paradigm in cryptocurrency trading. It is essential to analyze NavC's velocity to determine. In this article, we will discuss the unique features of NavC, how it works, and what contributes to the NavC Velocity.

What is meant by Token Velocity?

Token velocity is a measure of the frequency with which a cryptocurrency is used for transactions. In simple words, token velocity measures the frequency of token usage. A high token velocity indicates that a token is being used frequently in transactions and has a strong demand. While a low velocity means that tokens are being held for longer periods.

Token velocity is an important metric for assessing the health and potential of a cryptocurrency project. A high velocity for a crypto token can lead to a rise in its value. However, it can also lead to a decrease in the token's value if the supply is not able to keep up with the demand.

On the other hand, a low token velocity can indicate that the token is not being used in transactions, which can lead to a lack of demand and a decrease in its value. Therefore, it is essential for cryptocurrency projects to strike a balance between high and low token velocity to maintain a healthy market.

Now let's delve into NavC velocity, which is a unique concept introduced by the NavExM exchange.

What is Meant by NavC Velocity on NavExM?

The NavExM exchange is designed to generate demand for the NavC token, making it an integral part of the exchange's ecosystem. With every trade on NavExM, NavC's demand will increase, leading to an increase in its price.

What is NavC?

NavC is the utility token that can be used on NavExM crypto exchange. NavC is a way for the NavExM community members to participate in the growth of the exchange. Traders can trade NavC for other cryptocurrencies

NavC’s Demand on NavExM

NavExM is designed to incentivize traders to use NavC on the platform. The exchange offers zero transaction fees on all trades, making it more profitable for traders to use NavC on NavExM.

Furthermore, the exchange offers a cashback bonus of up to 0.05% of the transaction value to traders who become early community members of the NavExM community. Additionally, staking 50,000 NavC tokens increases the cashback bonus to 0.10% of the trade value on unlimited trades. These incentives make NavC an attractive investment for crypto enthusiasts.

Demand and Supply of NavC

NavC has a unique tokenomics system. The total supply of NavC is capped at 112.50 billion, but only a minuscule percentage (0.02%) of the total supply will be available in the open market to trade. The rest will be locked in smart contracts to maintain the value of the token.

NavC is the underlying currency of the NavExM trading platform. The exchange is designed to ensure a continuous increase in NavC demand.

NavExM With the exchange's unique AMM (Automated Market Maker), all traded pairs route through NavC, making it an integral part of the exchange's ecosystem. The more traders use NavC on the platform, the higher the demand for the token, creating a high token velocity and leading to a rise in its price.

Its continuous price appreciation with every trade on the platform makes it a value variance inflationary token.

Why is NavC velocity real?

NavC's velocity is real because it is based on the increasing trading volume on NavExM. As more people trade on the platform, the demand for NavC increases, which causes the token's price to rise. This creates a self-reinforcing cycle where the more people trade on NavExM, the more valuable NavC becomes.

The price-inflationary nature of NavC is different from other cryptocurrencies. It offers an opportunity to capitalize on the increasing trading volume on NavExM. By investing in NavC, you will be able to enjoy capital appreciation even if you don’t trade.

High Token Velocity Creates Continuous Capital Appreciation

The continuous increase in NavC demand leads to a high token velocity, which creates a continuous capital appreciation. The more the NavC token is used on NavExM, the higher its demand, leading to a continuous rise in its price. This rise in price is beneficial for crypto enthusiasts who invest in NavC.

Continuous appreciation of the token price further increases its demand, creating a self-reinforcing cycle. As traders and investors are willing to accumulate more NavC tokens. The token velocity of NavC is further boosted by the rewards and incentives offered by the NavExM platform, which increases its demand among traders and investors.


In conclusion, the NavC token's velocity on NavExM is real, making it a good investment for crypto enthusiasts. NavExM is designed to generate demand for the NavC token, making it an integral part of the exchange's ecosystem. With zero transaction fees, cashback bonuses, and other incentives, NavExM is a promising exchange. It is a great time for crypto enthusiasts to invest in NavC and be part of the NavExM community.