What is NavC: Why Is It a Good Investment?

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Trading in cryptocurrencies is like riding a giant roller coaster. Where breathtaking ups and downs are normal. The Crypto market is indeed a gateway to enormous wealth. However, without proper research, your capital is at risk.

There are over 10,500 cryptocurrencies in circulation as of 2023 as per Statista, and selecting the correct crypto token for your portfolio is a tedious task.

With rising popularity, hundreds of new cryptocurrencies are launched in the market. Some of them are hidden gems, and some of them could not be accepted by the community. The question arises, which is the next growth token with the potential to multiply your capital?

The NavExM next-generation exchange introduces NavC, the native utility token for NavExM. It constitutes all the qualities that a potential cryptocurrency must have. Let’s have a look at them.

Continuous Demand

  • Continuous Demand
  • Limited Supply
  • Token Utility
  • Community Acceptance
  • Project Authenticity

Continuous Demand

You can trade on the NavExM with the Zero Transaction Fee and get a cashback up to 0.10% of the transaction value. NavExM protocol ensures that all the trade on the exchange route through its native utility token, NavC.

NavExM being the most economical and rewarding exchange, is expected to acquire 25% of the daily total trading volume of the top 20 crypto exchanges within the first year of its launch. Higher transactions on the exchange will ensure continuous and consistent demand for the NavC token.

Limited Supply

Demand and Supply are the two factors that determine the price of any crypto asset. Unlimited supply sometimes affects negatively on the price of a cryptocurrency.

NavC has a fixed supply of a total of 112.50 billion tokens, out of which only a small quantity of 26M [I.e., 0.02%] will be available for the public to buy & stake. Limited supply and growing demand create a perfect growth equation for the NavC token.

Token Utility

The growth of a cryptocurrency predominantly depends on the utility it has. NavExM trading ecosystem creates a strong utility for its native token, NavC. As mentioned above, the unique Automated Market Maker of NavExM ensures that NavC is involved in all the transactions on the exchange.

Besides that, NavC can also be used as the key trading pair on NavExM. Traders staking the NavC token will get an additional benefit such as Zero transaction fees and a cashback of up to 10 times on the transaction fees spent.

Community Acceptance & Mass Adoption

Community acceptance is vital for any crypto project. Community trust depends largely on the project's viability. You can always read the whitepaper to understand the technical aspects.

NavExM is the project that backs the NavC token. Enormous benefits offered by NavExM exchange will undoubtedly attract crypto enthusiasts. Besides that, being an early community member, you will get maximum benefits in terms of zero transaction fees and cashback, as mentioned above.

Note: Join our Telegram channel and become a community member to reap maximum benefits.

Project Authenticity

The fundamental structure of the project must be strong. With increasing scams, it is important to check the legitimacy of the project. The token growth depends on how big the problem is that the project is solving.

NavExM works on trader’s biggest problem which is higher impact cost.

The estimated daily trading volume of the top 20 crypto exchange is approximately $46.24 Billion. On an average 300 million USD are taken away by these exchanges from the traders as trading fees. Higher trading fees increase the impact cost, resulting in reduced asset gains for traders.

NavExM is revolutionizing the structure followed by current generation exchanges by offering zero transaction fees. Besides that, the next generation exchange also rewards you with a cashback bonus for participating in the market each time you trade on NavExM exchange.

Why Should You Invest in NavC Token?

Backed by a legit project, a strong foundation, continuous demand and limited supply makes it an excellent investment option.

To know more you can download and read NavC whitepaper.