Things You Must Know About NavExM – World's Most Rewarding Crypto Exchange

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Have you ever heard that you could get rewarded for trading cryptocurrencies? Yes, it is possible on NavExM, the Next-Generation Crypto Exchange that aims to reward every crypto trade on the platform. With zero transaction fees and cashback rewards on each trade, the exchange will provide a no-cost seamless trading experience.

We all have witnessed the breathtaking ups and downs of crypto. Just one negative news can sway away your hard-earned money from the market. Being the most rewarding crypto exchange, NavExM has the potential to minimize your risk and maximize your trade profit. The exchange will help the community get the maximum out of the growing crypto market by facilitating easy and fast trade settlement.

In this article, we will discuss things you must know about NavExM that can help the crypto trader community to generate maximum profit.

Cashback Rewards to Trade.

NavExM is a CEX that offers cashback of up to 0.10% of the trade value on each trade which is distributed between makers and takers. The FTX saga caused an around $1 Trillion Market Crash. The breakdown has led many investors to doubt their trading strategy. NavExM rewards will encourage traders to participate in the crypto market. The more you trade, the more you will earn.

Trade with the Zero Transaction Fees

All contemporary crypto exchanges charge 0.1% - 1% as transaction fees. However, NavExM offers you the platform to trade seamlessly and pay zero transaction fees in the market. Zero transaction fees eventually increase your trade profit, as the cost of purchase is decreased.

Unique Trading Engine 

NavExM has its native utility token, NavC. The Automated Market Maker of the platform ensures that all the transactions on the exchange route through NavC token only. It creates a unique trading engine for NavExM, which will ensure the demand for the token with each trade happening on the exchange. NavC encapsulates the traded pair value, consistently increasing the price of NavC.

This constant involvement of NavC in every trade and the resulting increase in demand for the token are likely to have a positive impact on the price of NavC. This price appreciation can benefit holders of NavC and can incentivize more users to participate in the platform, further boosting its ecosystem.

Increased Cashback by Staking NavC

NavExM has reserved privileged benefits to the early members of the thriving NavExM community. By Staking 5,000 NavC tokens, you can get increased cashback. Further, it can be increased to 0.10% of the transaction value for the traders staking 50,000 NavC which means traders will get more asset value in return on each trade, every time. This initiative strengthens the trading ecosystem and encourages people to become part of the revolution.

Capital Appreciation

As mentioned above, the NavExM exchange has a unique trading engine. The unique trading engine ensures consistent demand for tokens. Further, the token has a limited supply of 112.50 billion, out of which only26 million tokens are planned to make available in the open market. The limited supply and consistent demand equation will lead to the graph of consistent value appreciation.

The best part is all the cashback on NavExM will be in NavC, which is not just the base currency of the exchange. Instead, an excellent asset with the potential to yield enormous returns.

Arbitrage Trading on NavExM

Arbitrage trading generally refers to buying a cryptocurrency from one exchange at a lower rate and selling it on another exchange at a higher price to generate profit. However, this process involves a lot of analysis to find the right platforms and the best price to buy and sell. Further, it involves the fees to transfer the crypto asset from one platform to another.

On NavExM, the cashback rewards ultimately reduce the cost of the transaction. As the cost of purchase is reduced, the trader can sell off their digital currencies at a limited loss and yet make a profit. This opportunity is only available on NavExM, where you can sell off your assets at a limited loss and remain profitable.

NavExM offers an Augmented Liquidity Pool

A liquid market is where you can easily sell and buy any crypto asset in no time. The profitability of any trade also depends on the liquidity in the market. The rewarding nature of NavExM will attract more and more traders to become part of the trading ecosystem. With the increasing number of participants, liquidity in the market will also rise. It will make NavExM the choice of the traders, ensuring faster trade settlement at the best price.

NavExM P2P Coming Soon

Now you know why anyone should choose NavExM for crypto trading. The rewarding nature and best-in-class experience will contribute to the platform's growth. The exchange is soon coming up with P2P trading. NavExM P2P will directly connect buyers and sellers, where sellers will have the freedom to quote their own price, and the buyer will be able to choose the best price among multiple options available.

Bag More Asset Value on NavExM P2P

Being the next-generation exchange, NavExM introduces P2P with the most rewarding features. You get more value than you have traded for, and the rewards will be in the NavC token. NavExM provides swap-cashback benefits to P2P participants, which will help traders to maximize their wealth again, helping you gain the maximum capital appreciation benefit in the long term. NavExM P2P rewards work on a unique system called cash swap.


First of all, congratulations if you are still reading. It shows how excited you are about the future of crypto trading, so do we. The daily trading turnover of the top 20 crypto exchanges is around $50 billion, with an average transaction fee of 0.15%. Thus, effectively $200 Million is swayed away by the dominant players as trading charges.

Isn't it huge?

NavExM aims to encourage community participation in the crypto industry by offering unimaginable rewards and the feature of the next-generation crypto exchange.

Further, its native utility token act as the backbone of the trading ecosystem, which is expected to rise exponentially. The opportunity to stake NavC is available.